What to do when your flight has been cancelled in Frankfurt A.M. Fraport

I assume you are flying with Lufthansa: you have to start making queue*? Since 4am…

What whappened to us was that we were unable to continue our flight to Helsinki due to a hard storm over the Frankfurt Airport (FraPort). We were supposed to fly at around 5pm, and our flight was delayed … and delayed …

Finally at 11pm the airport was reopened. What i didn’t like is that the Luftahansa staff was getting prepared really slowly, i mean, turning on the computers in order to read our tickets and let us get into the plane. It was really slow. And this had consequences for us: We were already in the runway when the pilot said to us that we were no longer allowed for take off, because after midninght, noone can fly. It is prohibited. It was already 00:10. This was really awful!!!

Then we had to get off the plane. All the Lufthansa Staff were about to leave. There was no accurate information. They all gave us was sandwiches and personal cleaning kits. There was no assistance for a hotel and we had to sleep on the Airport’s floor. The only thing we knew was that we had to make a rebooking the next day from 5 am.

Here is the tip and trick: Sleep in front of those rebooking stands. We woke up at 4:30 and there was already a long queue :/ It took us 4 long hours to make a rebooking! We were two traveling together, and I just got a seat and my friend just got a ticket and couldn’t make it into my plane and still lost another day!

  1. So get to the rebooking stand at midnight and stay there until they open at 5am!!!
  2. When you get your rebooking ticket, make sure you have a seat number!

when getting a flight ticket, please make sure you have a seat number! Otherwise it means that you are in waiting list and probably you will not take that flight and therefore you will spend another whole day trying to get another rebooking!

So i didn’t like the service of both Lufthansa and Frankfurt Airport (FraPort) for the following reasons:

  • Lufthansa didn’t care about us sleeping on the floor.
  • Their staff was working slowly.

As for FraPort’s air traffic controllers:

  • They didn’t care that it was midnight: due to their squared and limited minds, they didn’t think of the thousands of people who were about to rebook in a long queue. Come on!!! We were ready to take off!!! That could’ve saved money for Lufthansa and TIME for their passengers!!! They may say it was for security .. bla bla bla … Helsinki was already waiting for us, Come on!!! The consequences: Thousands of passengers angry in the next day looking desperately for a rebooking!


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