Giant matryoshka dolls in Moscow

The matryoshka dolls are a very famous and nice souvenir from Russia. We went to the brand new Moscow city, a business centre, where there is a shopping center. To get there, take the subway and get off at the Выставочная (Vystavochnaya) station of the Filyovskaya Line. We were just taking a walk in Moscow city shopping center and we decided to go to the top. Well, we found a place where there are only giant Matryoshkas!   If you are a fan of the Matryoshka dolls, you must go there! ☺

Salsa in Moscow

  There are many people who like to dance salsa in Russia. Moscow, besides Krasnodar, is one of those cities where salsa is popular. There are several places and clubs where you can dance such as Gorky Park, and The Tunnel Club. To start, a nice place is Gorky Park. This park is really big. There are many open-air activities. One of them is to dance salsa! Usually you find people dancing salsa on saturdays ☺. This event is organized by Salsa openair Moscow ‏ @salsaopenmsk There are always many people wanting to dance. So the chances are really good …