Giant matryoshka dolls in Moscow

The matryoshka dolls are a very famous and nice souvenir from Russia. We went to the brand new Moscow city, a business centre, where there is a shopping center. To get there, take the subway and get off at the Выставочная (Vystavochnaya) station of the Filyovskaya Line. We were just taking a walk in Moscow city shopping center and we decided to go to the top. Well, we found a place where there are only giant Matryoshkas!   If you are a fan of the Matryoshka dolls, you must go there! ☺

Shopping in Berlin

One of the best things to do in Berlin is going shopping! “Berliner” people seem to love it and tourists, as well ☺. Since you can see shopping malls everywhere. Even at the main train station Berlin Hauptbahnhof: For example, one of the most well-known shopping centers in Berlin is Alexa. – One good thing to buy in Berlin is clothing! I highly recommend going to the H&M stores. There are several of them in different shopping malls of the German capital. It is a good idea to go to some of them or to all of them, since they …