Questions about Taxi or Uber in Mexico city’s International Airport


If you are not sure about how to get to the place you will stay, specially if you are a female solo traveler and maybe can’t speak Spanish well, here are the answers. Choose the one that best fit for you:

You can definitely take an Uber since it does exist in Mexico city.

Uber can be ordered right at the Airport.

It’s cheaper (if it’s a long distance with heavy traffic, maybe not), maybe faster to get to your location (depending on traffic), sometimes it is faster to take a taxi.

Airport Taxis are in general more expensive, but they don’t take into account the traffic as Uber does (time x distance). You actually pay at a small stand or office inside the airport in advance before taking the taxi. Sometimes an Airport Taxi may be as expensive or as cheap as an Uber, depending on traffic and distance. For example, heading to Southern Mexico city may cost $220MXN. In an Uber it may cost $180MXN … but if the traffic is heavy, it will be much more expensive with Uber.

Both Airport Taxis and Uber are safe. Don’t take taxis on the street, as some of them may not be that safe.

Some people say that a Taxi driver is more likely to speak English than an Uber driver.

Be discreete. Don’t ask for an Uber to pick you up next to many Taxis in queue because some Taxi drivers may get angry with the Uber driver if they ever notice it.

Don’t you take Uber Pool. It’s kinda risky …

Have a pleasant stay in Mexico city.


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