Day of Death Part.1

On November 1st and 2nd Mexico celebrates “Day of the dead”. This is a very special mexican tradition we like the most. It might sound kind of weird that we celebrate death people, but in fact is a way to remember our beautiful people who have died. In general this holiday become to be a big celebration, full of festivals and joy…. For example, most of the mexican universities create festivals where everybody can attend and participate in the celebration as well. Students create pieces of art in different ways, like skulls & catrinas of different materials, colourful sawdust carpets which can include silhouettes/pictures of …

Weekend moments I

Here some pictures about this weekend, quite sad is almost over, snif* (Sunday, 131013 -20:27)  


So, taking advantage that we are having such a nice weather in Mexico City (after looong rainy-cloudy days) we decided to take some pictures, and here is the result… Have a happy weekend folks,   


Sad to say but officially Summer is over -snif* But heeeey! Fall is really beautiful as well. Anyways, we want to share some of our finnish summer pictures to you. (but of course you can see the full portfolio here). Don’t hesitate to start new adventures in different places, to meet new people, know different cultures & life styles, because at the end of the day that’s what life is about. So please enjoy this pictures and get inspire! ‘til we meet us again Suomi, you were so wonderful to us! kiitos. Enjoy 🙂