Arriving to Mexico city International Airport: Taxi or Uber?

I could indeed ask for an Uber from my place to the Airport and everything was fine.

However, back to Mexico city again, already at the Airport ready to get back home, I asked for an Uber from my phone. Seconds later, the Uber driver called me up to tell me that it was not possible to pick me up at the airport because Uber is not allowed to do so.

You know, this may be because the Taxi Companies don’t want Uber to compete in the airport.

Anyway, when you leave the Customs or Baggage-check area, go to the right and you will see two or three taxi company kiosks. Choose the one in the left most, it has the cheapest prices 😉 Or you can even ask yourself in all of them for the prices.

Prices range from $215 MXN to $350MXN according to the distance.

Taxi companies are safe. Any is, in reality, fine; except one Taxi  company called “Excelencia”, since they don’t have taxis, sometimes you will have to wait up to 30 minutes for a taxi to come!

Independent taxis that you take on the street may not be that safe.

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