Are Wi-Fi passwords in Russia in Cyrillic?

If you are about to visit Russia and you are wondering whether you will be required to type the wifi password in cyrillic in order to access the Internet?

If that were the case, how would you get a Russian keyboard to type it?

Well, in Russia you actually get connected to the internet wi-fi like anywhere else in the world. You don’t need to type in Russian alphabet.

In fact, Russians use the latin alphabet (writing system) in electronics and ITs, since it is more confortable for them 😉

Here I show you a ticket of a café in Moscow called Costa Coffer where you get the access login and password right in the ticket. As you can see, they’re in latin alphabet!

Wifi access in Russia is in latin alphabet.
Wifi access in Russia is in latin alphabet. An example of a Costa Coffee ticket in Moscow.

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